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Wanderer is a VR journey sport that places you within the footwear of a hapless time traveler who finds himself trapped in an alternate historical past—one which begins (and probably ends) in worldwide catastrophe. Wanderer excels with its smorgasbord of attention-grabbing puzzles that do little or no hand-holding. Its enjoyable and well-designed set items play as an immersive backdrop to an engrossing story, all of which hopefully distract you from its significantly clunky stage of object interplay.

Wanderer Particulars:

Obtainable On: Steam, Rift, PSVR
Launch Date: January 27th, 2022
Worth: $40
Developer: M-Concept, Oddboy
Reviewed On: Quest 2 (Hyperlink by way of Steam)


Theorizing that one may time journey in his personal lifetime, Asher Neumann stepped into the Phoenix Challenge accelerator and vanished. He awoke to seek out himself trapped in time, going through mirror photos that weren’t his personal, and pushed by an unknown power to vary historical past for the higher.

That’s the setup anyway, most of which I lifted from the intro sequence to cult ’90s TV present Quantum Leap, a giant inspiration for Wanderer. One other apparent comparability right here is Netflix’s hit German sci-fi present Darkish (2021), though Wanderer’s story isn’t almost as convoluted.

Quite the opposite, Wanderer’s narrative beats are literally fairly low density regardless of the big variety of locations you’ll be able to go to. The story is primarily doled out in discovered gadgets like movies, books, and posters, which provide you with a wider understanding of what’s happening and provides invaluable clues on tips on how to clear up puzzles. That mentioned, they very hardly ever smack you over the top with their that means, and may be simply mistaken as easy bits of ornament. Which means it’s a must to go searching and make investments extra that means in much less objects, i.e. you gained’t discover a diary indicating all the ideas and emotions of a personality, only a photograph with a cryptic one-liner.

'Wanderer' Overview – A Time Touring Delight That is Simply Shy of Greatness – Highway to VR 11Picture courtesy Oddboy, M-Concept

Wanderer’s story solely actually picks up in depth within the final quarter of the sport. As a substitute, it places a a lot heavier concentrate on serving up a smorgasbord of escape room-style puzzles, lots of which don’t have any instruction on tips on how to clear up. These vary in problem stage, with essentially the most difficult sometimes calling on the participant’s capability to journey backwards and forwards via the sport’s discrete temporal set items to assemble the proper object(s). Extra on that beneath.

For instance, you could must seize a sponge and a bottle of spray cleaner from your property base and journey to the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization to wipe off a dusty plaque to see a code. Or you could must assemble items for the Enigma machine, use Morse Code to set off an alarm, and leap via a number of such hoops to get to Woodstock within the ’60s. In brief: it’s tough, and has a ton of transferring elements that will tax essential pondering expertise.

'Wanderer' Overview – A Time Touring Delight That is Simply Shy of Greatness – Highway to VR 12Picture courtesy Oddboy, M-Concept

Whereas a few of these left me wishing for a straightforward win, personally I’d a lot slightly need to waste time retracing steps, turning the sport the other way up, and developing with an organizational methodology for a literal mountain of stuff. It feels extra genuine and rewarding, enjoying stark distinction to video games within the style that lean on tropes like overly useful robotic buddies that primarily tug you by the ear from level A to level B.

Okay, there’s a robotic buddy. However fortunately your ever-present wristwatch companion Sam is there to assist by not solely being a clue dispenser when truly wanted on demand, but additionally a great tool that acts as the sport’s stock. On prime of that, his voice is a useless ringer for Matthew McConaughey. (Murph!)

Sam is also the premise for the sport’s teleport mechanic, which makes for a novel and enjoyable approach of utilizing key gadgets you discover all through the sport and utilizing them to journey to new and attention-grabbing locales that are all the time brimming with new gadgets that you just may simply discover a use for in different worlds.

Touring to different time durations is achieved by grabbing key gadgets and inserting them right into a disk the place the clasp of the watch would normally be. These piece rumble in your hand, so the entire course of has a tactile really feel that I actually respect.

In the long run, Wanderer mainly delivers regardless of some built-in clunk endemic of this type of step-by-step gameplay that depends on a big set of interchangeable objects.

It’s a must to not solely suppose virtually about each merchandise you’ve encountered and keep in mind the place it’s in time, however hope it’s the proper merchandise that the sport meant you to make use of. Blowing up a bomb the place you shouldn’t, or capturing an arrow into the top of Nikola Tesla will lead to you being kicked from the timeline to attempt once more. That’s a little bit of a downer when you have an apparent alterative resolution (okay, not capturing Tesla) and also you’re punished for utilizing it.

All of that is punctuated with arcade-style interludes, like a Guitar Band-style rock sequence the place you play the drums to the beat. I used to be left wishing for extra of those as a result of they made for a welcome break from doing issues like actually fixing and restarting a whole hydro-electric energy plant, which incorporates loads of grunt work of discovering elements, changing them, and hoping the sport doesn’t throw a curve ball your approach by, say, leaving a management panel again with a bunch of literal Nazis in one other time interval.

'Wanderer' Overview – A Time Touring Delight That is Simply Shy of Greatness – Highway to VR 13Picture courtesy Oddboy, M-Concept

In the long run, it took me round ten hours to finish. I ought to notice that I skilled a number of bugs which required me to restart to the most recent chapter due to how a lot they broke ahead progress. These are functionally small issues that can in all probability be addressed in future updates, nevertheless day-one gamers could expertise issues like puzzles not activating when they need to, which might add to the frustration of retracing your steps in vein earlier than deciding its the sport’s fault and never your personal.


Immersion is a little bit of a combined bag with Wanderer. On one hand, you’re served up some actually beautiful, effectively put-together set items. It’s the extent of care and visible finesse that, in the event you squint, you’ll swear you’re someplace else. The crew’s capability to layer their world with an enormous array of textures and objects that really feel actual merely can’t be understated.

Each the sport’s script and voice appearing are large highlights too. There’s nothing worse than a personality with an clearly pretend accent delivering a tacky line on the subject of sustaining immersion, however the stage of voice expertise and writing experience in Wanderer is top-notch. Working example: you work together with Sam for literal hours, and he over that point he begins to really feel extra like a buddy than a timepiece solely able to delivering quips and puzzle hints.

'Wanderer' Overview – A Time Touring Delight That is Simply Shy of Greatness – Highway to VR 14Picture courtesy Oddboy, M-Concept

After which you’ve gotten an invisible partitions that cease you from strolling too far for no obvious motive. Or a bunch of objects on a desk, half of which might truly be picked up.

That may be much less of a problem if the sport’s stage of object interplay felt prefer it belonged in 2022 as an alternative of ostensibly time-traveling from 2016, a time when all video games mainly compelled objects to robotically snap to your hand in a single relative place. One other problem is that power seize makes manipulating issues much less easy by stopping you more often than not from bodily grabbing one thing that’s proper in entrance of you.

Evidently, the sport’s not-awesome object interplay makes for a consistently irritating expertise on the subject of manipulating Sam. I discovered myself choosing an merchandise with my outstretched finger, after which with that very same finger making an attempt to eject it from Sam’s menu, solely to shut the menu as a result of the sport counterintuitively needs you to palm the tiny one-inch icon.

If Wanderer had the identical finesse with object interplay because it does a lot of the remainder of the sport, you may even make some comparisons to Half-Life: Alyx in its stage of polish and immersion, though it’s most necessary mechanical function one way or the other falls brief.


Wanderer has the complete vary of ordinary consolation choices, together with variable strolling speeds and snap-turning angles to go together with easy turning locomotion and teleportation.

There are only a few moments once you’re not on stage floor, so transferring world wide is nearly all the time a snug expertise. The one problem I had was the sport’s seated mode, which didn’t appear to work at time of evaluation.

‘Wanderer’ Consolation Settings – January 27th, 2022


Synthetic turning ✔ Clean-turn ✔ Adjustable pace ✔ Snap-turn ✔ Adjustable increments ✔


Synthetic motion ✔ Clean-move ✔ Adjustable pace ✔ Teleport-move ✔ Blinders ✔ Adjustable energy ✔ Head-based ✔ Controller-based ✖ Swappable motion hand ✔


Standing mode ✔ Seated mode ✖ Synthetic crouch ✖ Actual crouch ✔


Subtitles ✔ Languages Alternate audio ✖ Languages English Adjustable problem ✖ Two palms required ✔ Actual crouch required ✖ Listening to required ✖ Adjustable participant top ✔

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