‘Until You Fall’ Oculus Quest Review – VR Hack & Slash with Strategy

Till You Fall brings a refreshingly distinctive strategy to VR sword combating which mixes the satisfaction of a hack & slash recreation with the depth of RPG fight, all wrapped up in a VR-native design. The sport’s Quest port is a near-perfect translation from its PC counterpart which advantages from the shortage of tether.

Till You Fall Particulars:

Out there On: Oculus Quest, Oculus PC, SteamVR, PSVR
Launch Date: September 29th, 2020
Value: $25
Oculus Cross-buy: Sure
Developer: Schell Video games
Reviewed On: Quest


Till You Fall is a rogue-lite VR melee fight recreation the place you battle your approach by way of rooms of enemies till you might be inevitably struck down, solely to rise once more extra skilled and extra highly effective to attempt to make it even additional in your subsequent bout.

Reasonably than the purely physics-based strategy of a VR melee fight recreation like Blade & Sorcery, Till You Fall delivers a considerably extra summary expertise. From the surface, the ‘block’ and ‘combo’ markers would possibly make the sport look arcade-ish, however there’s heaps of depth hiding beneath. Not solely does this strategy go away room for meta-game technique—like which weapons you utilize and the way you utilize them—it additionally permits the sport to fastidiously set the ‘tempo’ of fight to make it each difficult and rewarding with out the intermittent funkiness that always comes with a pure-physics strategy.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

Make no mistake although, Till You Fall is an energetic recreation and you may simply construct up a sweat whilst you play. Though hits and blocks are extra dependant on the general gesture than guaranteeing that you just make excellent contact with the enemy’s hitbox, to succeed you’ll nonetheless must make huge swings in the best instructions and on the proper time.

Till You Fall’s fight is wholly dictated by the ‘protect’ meter of every enemy, which should be damaged earlier than you possibly can start slashing away at their well being bar. Defend injury is dealt each by hitting enemies and blocking their assaults. Since they’ll assault you at any time whereas their protect is up, you will get a couple of hits in right here and there however you’ll largely be on the defensive till their protect is down. As soon as their protect is damaged it’s your flip to dish out huge injury by swinging within the indicated path to chain collectively a number of devastating hits. Some enemies will die after only one combo set, however others will want their shields taken down a number of occasions earlier than they fall—till you turn into extra highly effective, that’s.

Till You Fall has two sorts of development: non permanent upgrades which you unlock within the present run however disappear afterward, and everlasting upgrades to your weapons that are purchased between runs within the hub space. Along with upgrading your weapons, you too can purchase from a fairly large collection of new weapons. However your effectiveness can be dictated by the proficiency of your play somewhat than by your stats alone.

Every weapon has its personal distinctive traits, and selecting which weapons you convey into battle is a really significant resolution as a result of it may have a drastic affect on the way you play—out of your total fight technique proper all the way down to the best way you swing.

That is the guts of what makes Till You Fall’s fight so attention-grabbing. In a single run you would possibly select a dagger in your blocking weapon—as a result of it’s gentle and quick—and an axe in your attacking weapon—as a result of it offers huge injury. Within the subsequent run you would possibly pair a broadsword—for its stability of vary and velocity—with an amulet—which provides huge stat boosts however can’t be used to dam. Otherwise you would possibly need to assault with two daggers—for his or her velocity—and hope to seek out the mid-run improve which will increase injury once you alternate assaults between your blades.

On one among my higher runs within the Quest model of Till You Fall I selected the mace for meting out huge protect injury, however opted to dam and combo with my broadsword as a result of the mace is simply too gradual for fast blocks and the broadsword does extra injury to well being than shields. As I fought by way of the run I grabbed a couple of mid-run upgrades which made my mace deal much more protect injury, turning it right into a brute-force protect smasher that I might swing with abandon whereas specializing in exact blocking and combos with my sword.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

That’s only one thought for a weapon pairing and fight technique, and there’s many extra to formulate, experiment with, and ideal.

It takes a while to understand all of the methods at play although, and that is one place the place Till You Fall might use some added readability. Finding out the distinction between everlasting and non permanent weapon bonuses, participant bonuses, weapon sockets, block injury, protect injury, and well being injury will take some back-and-forth comparisons between menus and getting a couple of runs beneath your belt. Revamping the interface to extra clearly point out which upgrades are non permanent and that are everlasting (and whether or not the improve applies to the participant or the weapon) would assist gamers stand up to hurry with the underlying methods extra rapidly. The sport would additionally profit from extra explicitly explaining that every weapon has differing ‘bodily’ weight which impacts how briskly it strikes. That’s an vital consideration with regards to selecting your equipment and the way you’ll use it.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

Although a bit hazy on the outset, the meta-game parts are paired with satisfying and difficult moment-to-moment fight that can take a look at your mettle and go away you with that feeling of desirous to squeeze in only one extra run.

Runs begin out straightforward sufficient and after upgrading your weapons a couple of occasions you’ll be crushing the fodder with a single swing. However with only a few non-regenerating hit factors, each enemy is a possible risk. Getting cocky and overextending is the surest solution to lose a hitpoint, and also you’ll be kicking your self later when you need to hand over an important mid-run weapon improve to recuperate your hit factors as an alternative.

Photograph by Highway to VR

After which there’s the actual enemies. As you go deeper by way of your run you’ll begin dealing with off in opposition to Knights and Captains which every current a severe risk. And simply once you begin to grasp these encounters you’ll begin dealing with off with empowered variations of these enemies which convey amped-up assaults that can have you ever in your heels in a heartbeat when you aren’t lock-step with their assaults. Narrowly escaping one among these difficult encounters with a single hit level is an exciting expertise—the essence of Till You Fall.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

Though there’s some construction to your runs in Till You Fall, together with a couple of boss encounters alongside the best way, there isn’t actually a definitive ‘finish’ to the sport. Even when you vanquish probably the most troublesome encounter, there’s all the time new weapon combos and fight methods to attempt to tougher difficulties to grasp. That mentioned, I believe gamers might count on to spend round 10 hours changing into proficient sufficient to overcome the ultimate encounter.


Picture courtesy Schell Video games

Till You Fall for Quest is an outstanding port of its PC counterpart. Whereas there are some graphical downgrades, the guts and soul of the gameplay and visuals stay totally intact.

Though the bottom texture might use some work and the foliage has turn into sparse and chunky, probably the most attention-grabbing objects within the recreation—specifically your arms, weapons, and improve crystals—retain a powerful quantity of geometric element and far of the lighting sheen that retains them from the ‘cardboard’ look that we’ve seen with some Quest ports. Usually talking, the sport appears to look higher in movement by way of the headset than I’ve been capable of seize with screenshots, doubtless as a result of the in-game visuals are so crisp and properly outlined in comparison with some video games which use blurry anti-aliasing (or lack it outright).

Photograph by Highway to VR

Though the sport’s many particle results aren’t practically as advanced what’s seen within the PC model, they’ve been tastefully changed with thicker, ribbon and pedal-like particles that really feel completely at dwelling within the recreation’s imaginative neon artwork model.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

With fastidiously tailored visuals backed by robust sound design and high quality music, there’s virtually nothing misplaced within the Quest port of Till You Fall—apart from the tether. Being unbounded by a cable doesn’t seriously change the sport, but it surely provides immersion by permitting you to rotate your physique to face enemies with no concern of a twine twisting under your ft or getting in the best way of your strikes.

Immersion in Till You Fall comes extra from the way it feels than the way it appears. Summoning your weapons into your arms earlier than a battle by squeezing each grip buttons—accompanied by a satisfying ‘shwiiinng‘ sound—by no means appears to get outdated. Nor does the sensation of defly slicing by way of a combo sequence and watching the enemy collapse in a ragdoll heap.

It could not really feel like you have to concern the exact geometric boundary of the enemy’s blade, however there’s one thing to be mentioned a couple of recreation the place you unconsciously take inventory of the problem earlier than you when coming head to head with its hardest enemies.

What’s right here, for probably the most half, is fantastically executed. So properly, in actual fact, that Till You Fall’s largest ‘flaw’ is what’s it doesn’t have. The strategic depth and moment-to-moment satisfaction of the fight system go away the sport screaming for a bigger scope, a extra dynamic world, and a correct story.


Till You Fall is an energetic recreation that’s typically comfy and has well-rounded consolation choices. Gamers are prompted from the outset to decide on between seated and standing modes. Vignetting is on by default and may be decreased or disabled outright. I turned it off for the sake of immersion and didn’t have any discomfort.

Picture courtesy Schell Video games

Though there’s some easy stick motion, it’s stored fairly gradual as a result of the sport neatly brings enemies towards you and asks you to make use of your weapons and bodily actions to dam and dodge somewhat than strafing round with a thumbstick. Dashing is used to get round extra rapidly, however a cooldown prevents gamers from exploiting it for fixed locomotion.

Till You Fall is usually a exercise when you actually get into it. The sport rewards bodily effort by dealing extra injury for broad swings and permitting gamers to dam any assault so long as they’ll bodily get their hand into blocking place with sufficient time to spare. Dodging left/proper and ducking are required for some encounters, however the motion threshold is low sufficient that it may be executed whereas seated.

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