‘Pistol Whip’ Finds Its Own Beat by Fusing Rhythm & Shooting

'Pistol Whip' Finds Its Personal Beat by Fusing Rhythm & Taking pictures 4

Pistol Whip is described by its creators as a ‘mashup between SUPERHOT VR and Beat Saber‘. Whereas it will be simple to take bits of every however nonetheless fail to search out synergy, Pistol Whip is certainly a mashup of Superhot and Beat Saber in the absolute best sense.

Sure, it looks like there’s 100 VR rhythm video games on the market already, and in case you’ve discovered you’re keen on, it could be laborious to see why Pistol Whip can be price a shot over a myriad of different choices. Taking pictures and rhythm mechanics have already been mashed collectively by the likes of Audica and others, so what might Pistol Whip actually deliver to the desk? Fairly a bit, it seems.

Whereas Audica is probably the obvious means of placing the 2 gameplay ideas collectively, Pistol Whip presents a extra inventive strategy. Somewhat than standing in a single place and taking pictures at stationary targets, Pistol Whip has you continuously working ahead and taking pictures at targets that seem across the atmosphere. What’s extra, these targets shoot again.

The ‘targets’ right here are literally enemies which might take one, two, or 4 photographs to kill, relying upon their armor. And it’s the truth that they shoot again at you which ones actually helps Pistol Whip discover a distinctive synergy between taking pictures and rhythm ideas. Whereas Audica is basically a passive expertise the place you’re taking pictures targets, in Pistol Whip you want to actively monitor and dodge incoming bullets when you remove threats on the identical time.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzeMXyCkOGg?feature=oembed&w=640&h=480]

Enemy bullets fly at you slowly sufficient to provide you time to dodge your head out of the way in which. As you get used to the timing, you begin to proactively transfer and dodge reasonably than merely react. In consequence you begin to ‘movement’ your higher physique round as you dodge and shoot your means by means of every degree. You’ll additionally rating extra factors in case you shoot in time with the beat, which suggests you’ll find yourself incorporating your personal gun actions and set off pulls into this general movement. Whilst you’ll absolutely hear comparisons to Neo’s bullet dodging in The Matrix, the extra apt comparability from a pedant is definitely Agent Johnson from the identical movie:

With the incoming bullets, the sport forces you to be involved together with your ‘near-field’—it heightens your sense of what’s instantly inside arms attain. That is embodiment, which is distinct from mere immersion. It’s this bodily motion (the results of mandatory near-field spatial consciousness) mixed with the ‘arms out and taking pictures’ gameplay which makes Pistol Whip really feel distinctive and never simply ‘one other rhythm recreation’.

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Pistol Whip is a fairly radical departure for developer Cloudhead Video games which is understood for its linear, story-driven VR journey sequence The Gallery. And but our time with the sport exhibits a degree of polish and considerate design which makes it clear that having expertise and expertise in VR generally is—at this stage—extra helpful than having expertise in a selected style. Test again for our full overview of Pistol Whip when it launches on PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest on November seventh.

Cloudhead hasn’t introduced the value of the sport but, however says it will likely be in keeping with ‘related video games’ (so we’re guessing $25 or $30). There shall be 10 tracks at launch, however the studio says it has plans for extra free and paid tracks to be launched sooner or later. Pistol Whip can also be slated to return to PSVR at a later date.