Oculus Quest 2 Full Specs: ‘Nearly 4K’ 90Hz LCD, XR2 Chip, 256GB Option, 3-Step IPD, $299

Black Friday reductions are dwell within the Oculus Retailer with short-term offers and bundles providing large reductions on among the finest Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift video games.

The “Should-Haves Pack” contains Onward, Job Simulator, In Dying: Unchained, Tetris Impact, Area Pirate Coach, and I Anticipate You To Die for $89.99. That’s a reduction of 40% off the standard worth of these video games individually.

The “Premium Pack” with Superhot VR, 5 Nights At Freddy’s: Assist Needed, Trip Simulator, Arizona Sunshine, The Room VR, Crimson Matter, Espire 1: VR Operative, Moss, Gun Membership VR, and Area Pirate Coach sells for $164.99. That’s greater than $100 off the worth of those video games sometimes and, whereas that’s a number of money to drop on video games , this lineup ought to entertain you and your loved ones for a very long time.

The three episodes of Vader Immortal are additionally promoting collectively for $19.99. That’s $10 off the traditional worth.

All of the Oculus Quest retailer bundle reductions talked about above finish November 27th at 11:59 pm Pacific.

The Health Pack contains FitXR, Creed Rise To Glory, and Sports activities Scramble for $59.99 whereas the Motion Pack contains Pistol Whip, Phantom: Covert Ops, and Trover Saves the Universe for $59.99. The Oculus Quest retailer bundle reductions talked about on this paragraph finish November 29th at 9 pm Pacific.

Particular person Discounted Oculus Quest Video games & Apps

Low cost pricing for this checklist ends November 29th at 9 pm Pacific A Fisherman’s Story, $10.49 Acron: Assault of the Squirrels! $13.99 Apex Assemble, $12.99 Arizona Sunshine,$27.99 AUDICA, $20.09 Audio Journey, $13.99 Dance Central, $20.09 Dying Horizon: Reloaded, $13.99 Physician Who: The Fringe of Time, $12.99 Down the Rabbit Gap, $13.99 Drunkn Bar Battle, $11.89 Eleven Desk Tennis, $15.99 Fruit Ninja, $10.04 HouseFlipper VR, $11.24 In Dying: Unchained, $23.99 Ironlights, $13.99 Journey of the Gods, $20.99 Preserve Speaking and No one Explodes, $11.99 Lies Beneath, $20.99 Mini Motor Racing X, $17.49 Ninja Legends, $12.99 OhShape, $14.99 OrbusVR: Reborn, $14.99 Pixel Ripped 1995, $13.99 “Please, Don’t Contact Something”, $7.49 Premium Bowling, $14.99 Professional Putt by Topgolf, $14.99 Racket Fury: Desk Tennis VR, $14.99 Racket: Nx, $13.99 Actual VR Fishing, $13.99 Robo Recall: Unplugged, $20.99 RUSH, $12.99 Sairento VR : Untethered, $12.99 Shooty Skies Overdrive, $7.49 SUPERHOT VR, $17.49 SWORDS of GARGANTUA, $18.74 Synth Riders, $17.49 The Climb, $20.09 The Curious Story of the Stolen Pets, $10.49 The Thrill of the Battle, $7.99 Tilt Brush, $15.99 Tokyo Chronos, $23.99 Tribe XR: DJ in VR, $20.99 Trip Simulator, $23.99 Digital Desktop, $15.99 Digital Digital Actuality, $11.99 Wander, $7.99

Particular person Discounted Oculus Rift Video games & Apps

Be aware discounted pricing for this checklist ends November 29th at 11:59 pm Pacific 2MD: VR Soccer Unleashed, $11.99 51 Aliens TV, $four.99 A Story of Misery, $three.99 AIRA VR, $5.99 AVOlight.Area (A number of Video Gamers), $19.99 Agent of Chernobyl, $5.00 One other Daybreak, $four.99 Anti Air, $9.74 Apophis, $2.00 Enviornment Blood On the Sand, $1.49 Arrows, $6.69 ArtPulse, $three.99 BARDO, $5.00 BIONIC HUNTER, $1.00 BOX THE BEAT VR, $9.74 Ballooning Adventures VR, $2.99 Banana Invaders, $1.49 Bartender VR Simulator, $15.99 Battle for the Mountain Throne, $1.49 Battlewake, $7.49 Beats Fever, $5.99 Large Breezy Boat, $four.99 Bike Rush, $four.49 Weird Barber, $5.99 Bloody Zombies, $5.99 Boba Pop, $1.00 Boiling Metal, $four.49 Bonfire, $2.00 Brass Techniques, $14.99 Brood, $2.00 CLIMB FOR YOUR LIFE!!!44!, $zero.49 CYBER SKY, $2.49 Carly and the Reaperman: Escape from the Underworld, $9.99 CastleStorm VR, $four.49 Cave Digger, $13.99 Cinderella VR Sport, $three.99 Conflict of Cooks VR, $9.99 Coaster, $1.49 Colour Invader, $1.49 Contagion VR: Outbreak, $9.99 Creed: Rise to Glory™, $20.99 Dice Smash, $2.00 Dance Collider, $5.99 Lifeless Moon – Revenge on Phobos, $9.74 Defector, $9.99 Protection Grid 2: Enhanced VR Version, $7.49 Descending, $5.00 Indifferent, $5.99 Dimensional, $1.00 Discontinue, $four.95 Doorways of Silence – the prologue, $7.00 Down the Rabbit Gap, $13.99 Désert Inn, $three.34 ENIGMA SPHERE, $10.00 Eagle Flight, $four.99 Fringe of Nowhere, $5.00 Electronauts, $9.99 Finish Area, $three.75 Escape Legacy, $three.99 Escape Room VR: Interior Voices, $7.49 Escape Room VR: Tales, $eight.99 Escape Treasure Island, $5.59 Escape: The Forest, $four.95 Esper: The Assortment, $four.99 Evasion, $10.00 FREEDIVER: Triton Down, $four.49 Feral Rites, $5.00 Combating Clans, $four.95 FigureOut VR, $zero.99 Last Goalie: Soccer simulator, $5.99 First Particular person Tennis – The Actual Tennis Simulator, $19.99 Fly. Die. Repeat., $zero.49 Flying Aces: Navy Pilot Simulator, $10.00 Forklift Simulator, $2.00 Frog & Froggie, $three.49 Gamelan Hit VR Rindik, $zero.49 Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse, $four.99 Ghostbusters is Hiring: Showdown, $four.99 Gloomy Eyes, $three.99 Gravity Lab, $10.49 Gravity Professional, $three.99 Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, $7.49 Weapons And Notes, $7.99 Weapons’n’Tales: Bulletproof VR, $three.00 Horror Nights Story, $1.49 Hyposphere VR, $zero.49 InMind, $zero.49 Instacalm VR, $2.00 Jigsaw 360, $zero.99 KOBOLD: Chapter I, $2.99 Preserve Defending, $1.49 Killing Flooring: Incursion, $10.00 Konrad the Kitten, $5.35 KryptCrawler, $1.00 Labyrinth Lure, $1.99 Final Labyrinth, $25.49 Final Line VR: A Zombie Protection Sport, $6.69 Lone Echo, $19.99 Lunatic Basic Music VR, $1.00 LyraVR, $11.99 METAL MULTIBALL, $1.99 Magic Guardian, $three.99 Marble Land, $7.49 Grasp Bladesmith, $23.99 Thoughts Labyrinth VR Desires, $eight.99 Moon Fowl, $2.49 Mortal Blitz, $9.99 Moss, $14.99 Mr. Lowell’s Place – Escape Room, $2.99 NOTES ON BLINDNESS VR, $1.00 Neverout, $1.00 OVERVIEW: a Stroll Via the Universe, $5.00 Ocean Surprise, $1.99 Omega Take a look at, $zero.49 Onward, $18.74 Operation Warcade, $5.99 Operencia: The Stolen Solar, $17.99 Orbatron, $three.75 PAGAN PEAK VR, $2.99 PROZE: Enlightenment, $5.99 Pangman, $three.99 Paper Beast, $13.99 Paranormal Exercise: The Misplaced Soul, $5.99 Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80’s, $6.99 Passengers: Awakening, $four.99 Path of the Warrior, $9.99 Excellent, $three.99 Perpetuum Cellular, $zero.49 Phantom: Covert Ops, $20.99 Ping Pong Hero, $2.49 Pixel Ripped 1989, $7.49 Pixel Ripped 1995, $13.99 Plumber, $1.49 Premium Bowling, $14.99 Venture LUX, $14.99 Puzzle Time, $1.99 Qimeng VR Video Participant, $7.49 Raccoon Lagoon, $7.49 Vary Day VR, $10.99 Uncooked Knowledge, $10.00 Crimson Matter, $14.99 Relaxation In Items, $5.59 Revolver Widow, $zero.99 SILICON RISING, $13.99 SUPERHOT VR, $12.49 SWORDS of GARGANTUA, $18.74 Santa’s Loot Shoot, $1.49 Shadow Legend VR, $12.49 Shadow Level, $9.99 Shoottris, $three.00 Shooty Fruity, $9.99 Sky Sanctuary, $6.79 SkydiVeR, $2.49 Snowman, $four.99 Music Beater: Fairly My Tempo!, $9.74 Area Junkies, $four.99 Area Maze, $2.49 Area Retailers: Enviornment VR, $1.49 Area Turret Gunner, $three.00 Spice & Wolf VR, $14.99 Dash Vector, $10.49 Spuds Unearthed, $three.99 Spunky Dungeon, $2.49 Stardust VR, $zero.99 Stoire, $1.49 Stormland, $19.99 Stranded, $7.99 Sushi Grasp VR, $1.00 Synth Riders, $17.49 Syon Bolt, $1.49 TRACE of us, $1.00 Goal Nook, $2.99 Telefrag VR, $5.00 TetrotronVR, $four.49 The American Dream, $5.99 The Meeting, $12.00 The Elevator Ritual, $1.00 The Battle, $2.49 The Hospital: Allison’s Diary, $2.99 The Line, $three.49 The Morrigan, $11.99 The Station VR, $four.99 The Steadfast VR Problem, $three.00 The Unstated, $9.99 The Strolling Lifeless Onslaught, $17.99 There’s a Thief in my Home, $four.95 Thumper, $9.99 Time Travelling Navy Seal Ninja Warrior, $2.67 Touring Karts, $5.99 Transference, $four.99 Tranzient, $13.99 Tribe XR | DJ in VR, $20.99 TripeaksDreamland VR, $zero.99 Trover Saves the Universe, $17.99 City Basketball VR, $three.99 VR Furballs – Demolition, $four.95 VR Regatta – The Crusing Sport, $14.99 VR TOON Assist Me (살려주세요), $2.00 VRobot, $three.99 Voronium – Locust Sols, $three.00 Voxel Fly, $2.99 Wands, $eight.99 Warped Chapter One, $three.00 Werewolves Inside, $four.99 Wilson’s Coronary heart, $eight.99 Witchblood, $three.99 Phrase Blaster, $2.49 XING: The Land Past, $9.99 Yupitergrad, $12.74 Zooma: Deluxe Version, $7.49 pleXus, $four.99

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