Hands-on with the SenseGlove Nova Force-feedback VR Gloves

SenseGlove, a Dutch-based producer of VR haptic gloves, has revealed an early prototype of their second glove, the SenseGlove Nova. We not too long ago visited the corporate to see the way it works and feels.

Arms-on with the SenseGlove Nova Pressure-feedback VR Gloves 14Cas & Chary Current

Cas and Chary VR is a YouTube channel hosted by Netherland-based duo Casandra Vuong and Chary Keijzer who’ve been documenting their VR journeys since 2016. They share a curated collection of their content material with additional insights for the Street to VR viewers.

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SenseGlove’s first glove was referred to as the DK1 and have been tethered haptic gloves that use an exoskeleton connected to every finger for the force-feedback.

Arms-on with the SenseGlove Nova Pressure-feedback VR Gloves 15SenseGlove DK1 | Picture courtesy SenseGlove

The primary important distinction you’ll see within the SenseGlove Nova in comparison with the prior mannequin is that the newer mannequin has a futuristic design that’s rather more like a glove and designed to be placed on in simply 5 seconds, in accordance with the corporate. This time it’s designed for ease of use; it’s wi-fi and is appropriate with standalone VR headsets just like the Oculus Quest, Pico Neo, and Vive Focus.

The SenseGlove Nova can simulate the sensation of shapes, textures, stiffness, impression, and resistance. That is made doable with the corporate’s trifecta of contact: force-feedback, vibrotactile suggestions, and movement monitoring.

Pressure Suggestions

Arms-on with the SenseGlove Nova Pressure-feedback VR Gloves 16Picture courtesy Cas & Chary VR

The Nova makes use of a passive force-feedback system; as a substitute of actively pulling the fingers again, the gloves assist you to really feel digital objects by ‘stopping’ your fingers from shifting. The gloves use one magnet per finger that’s connected to pulleys and wires. As soon as a person grabs a digital object, the magnets will exert energy to ‘cease’ your fingers. By figuring out how a lot pressure it applies, you may really feel the distinction between onerous and tender objects.

Vibrotactile Suggestions

Arms-on with the SenseGlove Nova Pressure-feedback VR Gloves 17Picture courtesy Cas & Chary VR

The force-feedback is enhanced by vibrotactile suggestions. Each the thumb and the index finger have their very own vibrotactile actuator, whereas a sophisticated voice coil actuator is situated on the backside of the glove. The voice coil actuator permits the Nova to render the sensation of practical button clicks and impression simulations. Builders can do that by recording sound, changing it to a vibration waveform, after which bringing it contained in the digital setting to be performed again by the glove.

Movement Monitoring

As for movement monitoring, the Nova combines sensor-based finger monitoring with pc imaginative and prescient hand monitoring algorithms. With this mix, there’s no want for exterior monitoring gadgets on headsets that provide third-party entry to the monitoring cameras. On a extra closed-off system just like the Oculus Quest, the controllers are mounted on the gloves to make movement monitoring doable.

Throughout my go to, SenseGlove confirmed us a demo inside a zero-gravity area station the place I needed to do a easy restore mission. In entrance of me was a desk with objects of various densities that I may contact and seize.

Arms-on with the SenseGlove Nova Pressure-feedback VR Gloves 18Picture courtesy Cas & Chary VR

I’ve to notice right here that the Nova gloves didn’t are available in the proper dimension for my fingers, so the haptic suggestions wasn’t optimum. Nonetheless, like the primary glove, I used to be capable of really feel the distinction between, for instance, a tender, squeezable ball and a battery fabricated from glass. After I touched an object, I felt vibration. After I grabbed one thing, I may really feel a slight resistance on my fingers, which, mixed with seeing the thing, made me routinely cease my fingers from shifting additional. It felt pure, actual and I assumed it was spectacular, particularly given the wi-fi freedom of motion with out a lot latency. I did have a better wow-factor after I demoed the DK1 because it felt extra exact because the first glove had twice the energy (40 Newton as a substitute of 20N).

SenseGlove instructed us that the Nova can be offered alongside the DK1 as each gloves have their professionals and cons. When you’re on the lookout for accuracy, the DK1 is an effective possibility. The Nova is right here if ease of use is extra necessary.

The SenseGlove Nova major use case is for business functions and prices €four,500, which is about $5,300. Client plans should not within the works, however I feel it’s fascinating to look at this area because it offers us a good suggestion of what’s in retailer for customers sooner or later.

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