Apple Granted Patent For A Tracked VR Glove

Apple was granted a patent for a “VR glove able to measuring the motion of particular person finger and thumb bones.”

The patent utility was filed in 2018 however granted on December 29, 2020, and first reported by Patently Apple.

Whereas firms patent concepts on a regular basis that by no means see precise deployment, the filings nonetheless supply a uncommon perception into the ideas being thought of by a number of the most forward-thinking folks at a given group. Apple specifically is well-known for patenting a variety of ideas that don’t make it into transport merchandise.

Apple Granted Patent For A Tracked VR Glove 5

Under are the Background and Abstract sections of patent #10,877,557 initially filed by Apple on August 28, 2018 with notable sections highlighted:


Digital actuality (VR) expertise can be utilized for a lot of purposes corresponding to navy coaching, academic studying, and video video games. VR expertise can use a number of digital units to simulate a digital surroundings and the consumer’s bodily presence in that digital surroundings. One kind of VR expertise is augmented actuality (AR) expertise, the place the consumer’s actual surroundings will be supplemented with computer-generated objects or content material. One other kind of VR expertise is blended actuality (MR) expertise, the place the consumer’s actual surroundings and the digital surroundings will be blended collectively.

VR/AR/MR expertise will be simulated utilizing a number of digital units. One digital system is usually a VR headset, the place the consumer can use the VR headset to see the simulated digital surroundings. Because the consumer strikes his or her head to go searching, a show included within the headset can replace to mirror the consumer’s head motion. One other digital system can embody a number of cameras. The a number of cameras can be utilized to seize the consumer’s actual surroundings in AR expertise and/or can be utilized for positional monitoring. But one other digital system can embody VR gloves. VR gloves will be worn over the consumer’s fingers and may enable the consumer to the touch, really feel, and maintain digital objects in real-time. VR gloves able to precisely detecting the positions and motions of the consumer’s fingers and fingers with out occlusion could also be desired.


This disclosure pertains to a VR glove able to measuring the motion of particular person finger and thumb bones. The VR glove can embody a plurality of inertial measurement models (IMUs) to trace the motion of a number of finger and/or hand sections. The IMUs can embody a number of movement sensors, corresponding to a gyroscope and an accelerometer, for measuring the orientation, place, and velocity of objects (e.g., finger bones) that the IMU will be hooked up. An IMU will be positioned proximate to a finger (or thumb) bone and may measure the inertial movement of the corresponding bone. In some examples, the VR glove could embody magnetometers to find out the path of the geo-magnetic area. The VR glove may embody a number of different digital elements, corresponding to a plurality of electrodes for sensing the heading, enabling capacitive contact, and/or contact sensing between finger ideas. The VR glove may embody drive sensors, actuators for haptic suggestions, temperature sensors, and heaters. The VR glove can additional embody logic corresponding to an on-board controller, a connector, a transceiver, a battery, and the like. A number of buses can be utilized to hold alerts between the digital elements to, e.g., the on-hand controller. The VR glove is usually a material glove the place a number of (e.g., all) electronics elements will be knitted or woven into the glove. In some examples, the material will be stitched collectively utilizing conductive threads. Examples of the disclosure can additional embody detecting motion of the glove with out utilizing magnetometers by evaluating the movement detected by the IMUs with native body(s). Heading initialization can embody rotation optimizers, and heading correction can embody detecting irregularities (e.g., collision, rotations, and so on.) of the nodes related to the IMUs.

So there you may have it — a VR Glove patent from Apple that goes as far as to say the potential of “haptic suggestions.”

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