Valve posted an almost 11-minute video offering a deep dive have a look at the event of the locomotion programs in Half-Life: Alyx.

The video explains how they moved from the teleportation system they utilized in 2016’s The Lab — their experimental assortment of VR software program — to the three programs included in Half-Life: Alyx. The sport contains ‘Steady’ locomotion, ‘Shift’ motion, and ‘Blink’ teleport, with the three strategies for traversing Metropolis 17 making the sport work for a variety of play kinds and luxury preferences.

“Our preliminary exams and playtester’s needs led us to the system we have now as we speak, the primary targets of that are to make sure the top participant place is a legitimate place for the participant’s physique and that the trail to get there may be viable,” Valve’s Greg Coomer says within the video. “To get thus far we needed to resolve a complete number of issues.”

The video breaks down how the peak of gamers affected the event of their programs and the way they developed audio programs to floor gamers on this planet of Half-Life: Alyx, like footstep quantity and timing altering primarily based on how far a participant is transferring. Playtesters additionally anticipated a louder sound in the event that they teleported from a excessive to a low space, in keeping with the video, and Valve builders applied the function in consequence.

The video supplies a very insightful overview of the motion programs in Half-Life: Alyx and a few of the subtler elements to its design that may’ve been ignored throughout their playthroughs. Test it out above.